Marc Torras Colls

Marc Torras Colls

Marc studied International Trade at ESCI-UPF in Barcelona, and joined an important computer multinational as Product Manager for notebook computers. In 1999 he and his then girlfriend Anna decided to leave everything behind, and looked for a job in China, as they thought the country offered plenty of opportunities.

When they arrived and saw the incredible internal growth that the country was experiencing, they created GISP to export industrial goods from China. As Marcs’ family tradition was in the kitchen equipment industry, the company naturally moved towards this market.

During all his years in China, Marc has travelled to all Chinese provinces and has visited more than 1.000 factories. He is fluent in Chinese and has a deep knowledge of Chinese culture, which helps him to overcome cultural barriers between the West and China.

Marc is also fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan. Today he is married with Anna and they both have two children.