Made in stainless steel, all our baffle filters are dishwasher washable, with standard sizes designed to fit molt kitchen hoods.

We also offer other sizes and materials under request.


  • Made in stainless steel
  • Rigid structure with double welding
  • Dishwasher washable
  • Standard sizes designed to fit most kitchen hoods
  • Filtering capacity: 1,8 m3 / seg. by unit of 50×50 cm.
  • Other sizes and materials available on request


referencematerialsize mm.thickness mm.
BFI-49AISI 304490 x 49050
BFI-39AISI 304490 x 39050
BFI-59AISI 304490 x 59050
BFJ-49AISI 201490 x 49050
BFJ-39AISI 201490 x 39050
BFJ-59AISI 201490 x 59050
BFG-49AISI 430490 x 49050
BFG-39AISI 430490 x 39050
BFG-59AISI 430490 x 59050


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